What Is Environmental Science In Short

Have you ever wondered what would happen if sea levels rose by only a few feet? What happens when certain species die out, or a snowy mountaintop begins to melt rapidly? While the average person probably doesn’t have the answer to these question, environmental scientists do. Since environmental science is a multidisciplinary field, it’s hard to put it into a few paragraphs. However, we will do our best and explain it to you as briefly as possible.

Multidisciplinary Field

The fact that the environmental science is a multidisciplinary field means that it’s basically a science made out of other science fields. Not only does it include natural sciences like geology, chemistry, and biology, but it also incorporates the social science and the human aspect.

All of these fields together give environmental scientists a chance to explore ecological issues and present it from multiple points of view. It also gives them a more clear insight on how to solve our environmental problems effectively.

What Does An Environmental Scientist Do?

Simply put, the job of an environmental scientist is to know the correlation between humans and their effect on nature. He or she needs to understand all the damage that is being done to our planet, what causes it, how it affects us, and how we can stop it. This way, a scientist can also make a projection on how the planet will “react” if certain measures were not to be taken.

For example, one of the big issues we are facing today is the overpopulation of our planet. While there is more than enough room for over 7 billion people on earth, some essential resources we take for granted might be starting to run out. While some of these resources are replenishable, they are still being used at a high rate, and can not be replenished in time for all of our demands. An environmental scientist’s job is to help us understand how we use these resources, what will happen if they run out, and most importantly, how can we use them more effectively.

Why Is Environmental Science Important Today?

The world around us is changing rapidly, and not just in a social or political sense. Environmental changes have been causing alarms to our society and warned us about the behavior and the effect we leave on our planet in the past few decades.

By warning us about our ecological wrongdoings, environmental science can help us put our planet on the right course again and to stop harming it. It can teach us about our effect on the earth and how we can adjust our habits in order to have a better life for our children and us.