Gorgeous Gambling Gardens

No one is denying that the inside of a casino holds most of its charms. There are bright lights, amazing games, beautiful music and friendly staff waiting on you. There is very little that could tempt someone to go outside… or so we thought. Imagine our surprise and wonder when we discovered that some casinos have amazing gardens, often talked about in casino reviews and articles. We have decided to share this wonder with you, so enjoy some of the most amazing casinos with beautiful gardens.

Sun City Resort, South Africa

While we are not positive this could technically be called a garden, Sun City will leave you breathless with its beauty. There are many facilities within this resort that’ll make you feel like you are lost in a jungle or on a deserted island.

There are four hotels to choose from, and in your free time, you can take a never-ending walk through the resort, enjoying Kwena Gardens, SunStar and The Valley of Waves. The beauty of the resort lies in its natural, wild and almost untouched look.

Jardin du Casino, Monaco

Known also for its English name “Casino Garden”, it gives off the air of French gardens. The idea for its design came around 100 years ago, from Edouard André. The plants were meant to symbolize eternal spring, since the location did not allow vegetation to persist, so more durable plants needed to be chosen.

This is one of the most wonderful gardens people have had the fortune of coming across, as witnessed by the reviews enchanted visitors leave online about the exotic ponds, simple walkways and cool shade. It has been compared to an oasis, and it is easy to see why.


We have saved the best for last. It’s not just a classic, Bellagio remains innovative and a brand to be reckoned with. Far from just providing outstanding service and atmosphere, the casino owns a conservatory that never keeps still. Let us explain.

Each season, and on Chinese New Year, there is a floral (though, it would be more fitting to call it herbal) display of colors and shapes, representing the season and bringing joy and awe to all those that venture upon it. It doesn’t end there – with every change of season, the old arrangement is not simply thrown away, but recycled.

This year, visitors can bask in the glory of the Italian theme “That’s Amore”. If you are not fortunate enough to visit Las Vegas, that doesn’t mean you will be completely deprived of this experience. On their website, Bellagio offers its potential clients to connect to their live webcam. There, you will see the romantic horticultural display of a lifetime.

To Sum Up

You can play a game of blackjack or poker anywhere. These days, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home to play games. However, casinos everywhere give you an experience. It is not just a courteous staff and bottomless buffets. It is the grace of gardens that separates casinos from your phone. It is important to occasionally stop and smell the roses.