Best Apps for Travellers

Planning a trip for your next holiday is not an easy task to accomplish, but today’s technological advances provide us with all the necessary tools to make sure you can map out your vacation smoothly and without stress.

For all travel lovers out there, we rounded up a short list of some of the best travel apps to help you from the time you choose your holiday destination to the moment you get back home. There are apps to help you find and book the most affordable flights and hotels, as well as apps for car rentals and getting directions.

Skyscanner – This is a very complex app that has got you covered for all aspects of your trip, including flights, hotels, car rentals, and so on. It allows you to search for the most affordable options amongst its travel partners and sends you notifications on price changes. Moreover, Skyscanner has a category called “Top Deals”, plus an extensive list of destinations at affordable prices.

Google Flights – is another useful flight booking service that helps you quickly search for cheap flights. It shows the best fares for your planned trip and also lets you explore destinations on a map based on price then facilitates the purchase of airline tickets through its partners.

Hopper – Just like the two apps above, this app keeps track of flight prices fluctuations and updates you on whether you should wait to book a flight or buy now. What sets this app apart is the level of detail and accuracy of the information it provides.

GasBuddy – This is an app for people who prefer to travel by car. It helps them find gas stations based on their current location and preferred price range, and it’s for travellers in the U.S., Canada, and Australia.

Airbnb – A well-known accommodation app by now, Airbnb is basically a direct link between travellers and people who want to rent out their homes. Users can find a wide range of accommodation on the app, including individual rooms, houses or apartments, as well as trailers or tree houses. Airbnb has become a very popular app because travellers get to enjoy a more authentic experience in locals’ houses.

Hotel Tonight – This is an app for travellers who need to book a hotel room at the last minute. Basically, it specializes in facilitating same-day hotel reservations. While it does offer advance booking as well, the last-minute deals are the best you can get.

TripAdvisor is an all-rounder in the world of traveling apps as it offers users a comprehensive database that contains reviews of restaurants, hotels and things to do and see in a certain place. A big, active community helps keep the app up to date with the latest tourist opinions.

Roadtrippers – This extraordinary travel app is for people who want to plan out their next trip in detail, including flights, accommodation, restaurants, places to see, all in one place. All you need to do is enter your destination, dates of travel and the things you want to do, and Roadtrippers will take charge of plotting your trip for you. The app is basically a map specifically designed for travellers and lets them choose a destination from a database of more than 5 million locations in the United States and Canada to visit.