Artificial Intelligence in The iGaming Industry

It’s safe to say that artificial intelligence (AI) has transformed the gambling industry. Online casinos use AI in several ways, whether it’s for the purpose of marketing, improving user experience, or imposing new challenges to the players, like Aspers Casino Promo Code. So let’s see how AI began, where it is now, and where it’s headed when it comes to iGaming and gaming in general.

The History

In 1949, a mathematician by the name of Claude Shannon developed the world’s first player-versus-computer chess game. In 1996, chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov played against a computer called Deep Blue and barely won by 4 to 2. However, humanity’s victory over machines was short-lived, since only a year later he lost by the same, updated computer.

Similarly to that, the computer called Libratus has been beating some of the world’s best Texas Hold’em players in the past several years.


While iGaming doesn’t leave much space for AI, it still uses it for marketing. The changing demographics in iGaming showed that younger people play this type of games now more than ever specifically people in their 20’s and 30’s. Millenials have a short attention span, so coming up with an effective marketing strategy was challenging. With the help of AI-driven marketing platforms, iGaming companies can now retain customer interaction more easily.


Early computer games relied on gameplay more than on anything else. Games like Pong or Pacman solely focused on gameplay, rather than the visual aspects which were pretty simple for today’s standards. The development of computer graphics is when AI stepped into the gaming industry big time. Characters started to appear more lifelike, so it was only natural that they start behaving like real people as well.

Demanding gamers today often pay more attention to the visuals of a certain game than the gameplay itself. That’s why a lot of games in recent years look more like interactive movies than skill-based computer challenges. New-generation games leave a lot more space for the story, cool visuals, and character development than ever before.

Casino games move in the same direction. While a random number generator runs the whole show, stimulating graphics and themes are what draws people to play them.

What’s Next for AI in Gaming?

Artificial intelligence has been part of the gaming industry for a long time, and it shows no signs of stopping. While the concept of using Virtual Reality devices to play computer games is not new, there’s a lot more room for improvement. Also, VR has just been incorporated into already existing games made for consoles and PCs. Making games exclusively for VR can result in new opportunities for AI do develop and reach its new level in gaming.

Online casinos have always been missing one thing, and that’s the feeling of walking into a casino and sitting at an actual slot machine or a table game. With VR casinos, you can literally move around and walk towards the desired game. For certain slots, you will have objects floating around you, which is an experience land-based casinos can’t match at the moment.